My first blog. Hmmm. I guess since I’m an erotica writer and most of you guys out there have the same sensibilities as I do, I can safely shout to the heavens (with only the slightest tremble to my voice)… “Let’s pop Chloe Stowe’s cherry!”
          Before my readers either: a) run, hide and go “Ick” or b) line up with big volunteer grins on their faces, let me clarify: We’re talking my blog cherry, folks. Geeze. Get your minds out of my gutter; I need room to work.
          Does a blog have a cherry? I guess we’ve already established that mine does. But what if I wanted a boy blog? I should get that option; after all…a) My little sister just found out that I’m having a nephew, b) I write about men, lots of men, lots of men doing interesting things with lots of man-parts, and c) I like men. Don’t worry girls, I’ve still got the big “bi” under sexual orientation, but, honestly, it’s been years… besides, I just can’t resist a really good man-part…
            Yes, yes, I know. I’m drifting.
            Well, guys, get used to it. I’m on some heavy medication here and we’re all lucky I’m not drifting out there on a cloud of mellow while chanting folk music. I should really have a pre-requisite reading list for my blog (maybe that’s why I’m 37 and just now popping?). For any of you who have wandered here without knowing my tale, please take a moment to read my very brief bio (you can find it many places, easiest though is at my website (
               Ok, now that we’re all caught up on my madness, let’s get back to discussing me. The better parts of me. My best part, I think, is my writing. I’ll let you be the judge of that. This being an author’s blog, I guess we should be discussing writing stuff instead of whether or not my blog has a wee-wee. Pity. Blog gender for another day then.
               So, let’s talk about Setting (sounds kind of boring now, doesn’t it?). My publishing history at the moment includes four works: two short stories and two novels, and each of their various settings hold special meaning to me. Write what you know. An old cliché, but a goodie… at least when it comes to locales… most of the time… when I’m not feeling wicked… and stupid.
                 Forever Bound is set all over the place. To be honest, it’s kind of a road map of the big stuff in my life. I live in Florida now, have never been happier, and am just waiting for my own John or Aaron to come play hoops with me in my rose garden, sans snipers of course. (See, you’ve got to read the story, folks… lol).
                Auburn University plays the villain in my locale storyline. I went crazy there, so excuse me if I’m bitter. So Auburn gets a tornado rammed through its gut. Yes, that’s my evil grin you’re feeling in the cosmos right now. Moving on…
               Colorado is where my boys get away to play. My grandparents lived there and I spent many vacations in that wondrous air. How could I not give John and Aaron a taste of that love I felt there?
               Chicago. Well, I’m a Cubs fan. You talk about pleasure and pain. Enough said there.
               My other three published works will be out later this year, so I’m not going to give too much away. Sorry, but if you want this blog to be more than a one-offer, I’ve got to save some material. Let’s just say that the wicked, stupid side of me set a good chunk of Taken in New York City. I’ll take that decision as a sign of future travels (yep, right after I get done kicking myself and hiding from all New Yorkers who will one day read Taken). Oh well, I’m trying to do the city justice and I think my newest men (Michael and Gareth) are enjoying playing in that magnificent city… if not, I know for sure, they are loving Africa! Nope, not telling you where, except to say that I spent 10 days there last fall and it was unbelievable…
               Was that my first teaser? Ooh, my cherry has officially popped. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me.
               Go bask in the afterglow, guys. I’m off to pop 30 mg.
               See ya soon!